Web Development

Your presence on the web is more than simply having a good looking website. Whatever the message or product or idea is that you are trying to convey, there is a need to have a solid foundation for all the parts and pieces.

'Development' is aligned with the non-design aspect of building a web presence. Though implementing a design would actually be considered part of development.

Web Development isn't always design focused

Having a solid plan in place for the base functionality of your site paves the way for bigger and better things down the road. Maybe you want to have an app that shows recent articles from your site, or maybe you want to integrate with system for the rest of your business. We at Webazzle can help make the right choices and furthermore, build the right system for your need.

A bulk of your budget will be spent on the development of your site and not all development is the same. We offer a tiered pricing structure for different levels of expertise so you don't overpay for comparably basic work.

We also like to break apart the different items of development so you know what you're getting from the start. If all you want is a simple brochure site with a few pages, we want to be fair and not charge the same rate as we would for a multi-user enterprise level site with multiple features and integrations.