According to this site over 50% of all global web pages are served to a mobile phone.

So what does this mean for your web presence?

Mobile design and functionality is key

When we design and build a website, the concept is 'Mobile First'. While a simple Google search will give you a million different definitions, for us it means that we will prioritize the build of your web property to work and display correctly on most mobile devices.

Simplicity is key when it comes to mobile design. Not only do you want to save the data download expense for your visitors, you also want to make it easy to read and even easier to navigate.

While mobile apps give an excellent user experience, mobile web design and standards allow the site to look and feel like an app which can make the user feel more at ease when navigating your site. The credibility gained from having a clean and functional web experience on mobile devices translates into conversions for more sales or content engagement.