The Webazzle Process

When you decide to work with us to build a new website, upgrade or maintain an existing website, or use any variation of our services, we will stay with you every step of the way. Our process is based on real-world scenarios. Here are the primary phases for a typical website project. (in no specific order)


Sales Meeting

Just as it sounds, we ask you for your business while answering questions you may have about what we can do for you.

Initial Discovery

This is an extension of the sales meeting with the non-binding assumption that we will move forward with a bonafide contract for work. We will look at your specific requirements from a lower level than might have been explored at the sales meeting. We will look at everything from the technologies needed to the developers required to make your project a success. The goal of this is to make sure we have a solid outline for all the 'parts and pieces' of your project so we can assure that everything can be done before we move to the next step.

Functional and Technical Requirements

These documents will be created to explain how we intend to work on each piece of your project. Initial revisions of these documents will be used to construct estimates and define the Statement of Work for contractual purposes.


There will be several pieces to the contract depending on the scope of work and complexity of the project. As the project evolves during development, there will be the ability to adjust contract terms if both sides agree.


We ask for half down for new clients to start work. The contract will spell out exactly what will be delivered along with a preliminary timeline. If there are changes along the way, we will work with you to determine what falls within scope and what qualifies as a 'change order.'


This phase may include us building a design for your site from simple colors and logo placement to full layout and marketing strategy. You may also already have your designs available. If you do not have a design in mind, this phase will allow us to look at different options to fit within your budget. You may even receive wireframes or mockups as this process is completed. Steps in this phase will be defined in the contract.

Functional Development

Of course we want to SEE the site in all it's glory from the start, but everything has to WORK the way you want it to. A lot of design could be dictated by functionality, so we want to make sure there are no major changes before we spend too much time on 'theming.' If functionality has to change after the site is 'themed' it could introduce an excessive amount of time to adapt those changes. Basic design elements will be introduced of course during development so it will feel like a car with primer and stock wheels while it's being worked on.

Design Development

This is the FUN part we hope. While we try our best to get a head start on 'Theming' while we build out the features, we don't focus on it until this stage. This is where we fine-tune layouts, colors, spacing, images, etc. The timeline for this phase is determined by the complexity of the designs.

Content Authoring

Hopefully you've been thinking about what you want to put on your site while we've been putting together the platform. This will be everything from images to content copy to phone numbers and email links. This may include manual cleanup of content that has been brought into the site via an automated migration script.


We will compare the soon to be delivered site to the Statement of Work agreed upon in the contract. We will also make sure that we are delivering a quality product that looks and feels like a solid website should. You will also be a part of checking out functionality and design as it has been laid out in the Statement of Work. The quality of the documents from the initial phases of working with us will set the tone for the QA phase. We aim for no loose ends when it comes to expectations. This is also an opportunity for you to find things that you'd like us to change or plan for in the future.


Whether we are assisting with hosting setup or you want to handle it on your own, we will set up a 'Delivery' meeting where we finalize and confirm work completed. We will generate a final invoice and/or amend the contract for future maintenance or feature additions. Final payment will be due on delivery.


A specific warranty will be spelled out in the contract depending on the scope of work. There will be a period of time that we will fix or update the site for certain conditions.

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