How much will a website cost me?

Having a web presence is way more than simply paying for a website and throwing up some images and text. There are some core elements to be aware of and countless variables that come into play depending on the complexity.

Here are some basic items you will need to consider when building a budget... We can help you navigate this treacherous area so you can focus on your business or message at hand. 

  • Domain Name
    • Most domains can be bought for around $12-$20 if it's unclaimed. Popular word domains can be exponentially higher depending on the perceived value. 
    • Your domain will then need to be pointed to your hosting provider.
    • We can help you secure most any available domain.
  • Hosting
    • Your website has to live somewhere. Even in the 'Cloud' it is still living on actual hardware. While most hardware is leaps and bounds above capabilities even from a few years ago, we as consumers of that technology don't get first dibs at cost savings.
    • That being said, the more you pay the better service you (should) get.
    • The amount of traffic your site gets (in turn the more the servers have to work) the more you will have to pay to keep it from crashing. We cannot make claim to visitors vs. server capacity but if you have a really popular website, you may want to spring for better hosting.
    • This cost can range anywhere from $5 a month to well into thousands a month.
  • Building Your Site
    • Not only will your site have to 'look' the way you want, it needs to function the way you want. You will get different levels of functionality depending on who you have build your site, what platform you choose and what the hosting providers allows.
    • While many people could easily learn basics of website construction, sometimes it simply isn't worth the time or effort to learn if you really want to focus on your business. The overall cost you pay such as to an agency like Webazzle, is often times cheaper than trying to implement on your own.
  • Extra Services
    • You may want to integrate services into your web strategy to enhance your value. These are things such as:
      • Email lists
      • Appointment scheduling
      • Event management
      • Payment gateways / E-Commerce Solutions
      • User management
      • ... there are countless possible extra services
    • Most of the time, the price you pay is only for the product, or rights to the product. You will still need to maintain the service (or pay someone to do so)
  • Staff
    • Many small sites don't require maintenance so you can typically use low cost contract work to make any changes that are outside your level of expertise.
    • Larger sites that are constantly evolving with an industry or changing content (think SEO value) need people to make those changes.
Can I make payments?

Sort of... We will adjust our production to better align with your overall budget and timeline. While we can't offer all our work on in-house credit, we can do incremental or restricted access delivery. This not only protects us as a company, it will protect our developers so they know their hard work will not go without payment.

Why don't I just use one of those discount web services?

Every level of website creation tool has it's purpose. Simple website building tools are great for 'brochure' sites but are very limited in what you can change to make it uniquely yours.

Using a professional web development agency means you will have a partner to create a real strategy for the information you wish to share.

Even if you still want to use a discount website company, we still may be able to help you implement the best of what it has to offer.

Our level of expertise lives in the realm of enterprise level applications and we are able to adjust our resource channel to best serve your needs.

Wordpress or Drupal or Wix or?

There are plenty more options out there than those three however, there are reasons to consider different platforms. It's not as easy as some may think.

  • Wordpress
    • For the amateur website builder, Wordpress gets the most attention in the world of semi-custom websites.
    • You can Google 'Why Wordpress' and be flooded with articles and opinions about why you should or shouldn't use the platform. We can help navigate through all those reasons.
    • Wordpress is best known as a 'Blogging' CMS (content management system). It is great for SEO and has a really friendly user interface for even the greenest users.
    • There are thousands of Wordpress developers who are more than willing to share their knowledge on the web so finding 'how to' for any feature or prebuilt code (plugins) is fairly easy.
    • Wordpress is widely supported by hosting providers and is constantly being updated for security and usability.
    • Wordpress is open source, which means you don't have to pay for the software and there is a huge community available to help.
  • Drupal
    • What? Drupal powers some of the most well known sites such as the Economist, MSNBC, The Grammys, Fox News and more. 
    • We lean Drupal simply because that's what we're best at. (But yes, we will still use any other platform if it fits the need).
    • Drupal is hard to learn and requires a competent development staff to build and maintain the site.
    • Drupal is also very customizable. The latest version is built with enterprise in mind. This means that a Drupal site can do just about anything you want it to.
    • As long as it has built built correctly, it is a very easy system for administrators and content editors to use.
    • Drupal is open source like Wordpress, which means you don't have to pay for the software and there is a huge community available to help.
    • Click here for the Drupal Showcase
  • Wix (and all those similar)
    • Square, Wix, GoDaddy, Shopify, etc. etc. all have great products and services available but you are limited to their standards.
    • They are quick, easy and can do the job quite well for small business and personal information sites.
    • A downside to using these systems is when you start finding a need for a lot of custom functionality and design. It will end up costing you more than a typical Open Source solution (Drupal/Wordpress/etc.).
    • Keep in mind that when you are shown these 'templates' in their marketing, you will still need to provide actual content for your site. So unless your business is exactly what they plug into their template it won't look quite the same.
Do you outsource overseas?

We might... and we'll let you decide if that is an option for your project.

We are developers, not marketers. We take pride in what we do and like any good developer, we like to have control over what's going on in code and development. We stand behind the product we deliver.

If there is an option to outsource any work it would only be for the time consuming or mundane tasks that would otherwise keep us from working on the Awesome-ness your site.

We also understand security is a huge issue so we make sure that IF anything is outsourced, we don't simply hand over the keys and allow free reign of your site or information.

Where are you located?

Webazzle is a new company with a team spread out from Seattle, WA to Orange County, CA. At the time, we do not have an 'office' per-say.

We prefer to not spend all kinds of money on office space when most of our work is done remotely anyways. We may have an office when our team grows and the need arises.

If an in-person meeting is needed, we will coordinate office space usage or arrive at your location as needed.

How long have you been around?

Combined we have about 30 real years of web development experience. Webazzle is a 'side hustle' venture as we are silently plotting our escape from corporate America back in to... Corporate America... ?