Welcome to Webazzle

By Dave

Webazzle who? What'd you call me? Well, Webazzle is a web development agency aiming to make your life easier as you navigate through the wild wild west of establishing or refining an online presence.

We are a team of real people organized to help you make the best of your online presence. Though a small team, our 30+ years of combined experience in the realm of the world wide web gave us the motivation to start something new. Oh my, not another web shop?!?

Of course we can come up with all kinds of marketing-speak, buzzwords, feel-good quotes and fancy designs... the reality is, people consume information on the internet almost like we consume food. We are aiming to provide straightforward services to help you get your message across in the digital realm.

We understand that you can google 'how to build a website' and learn pretty much everything you would ever need to know about building a website. Truth is, your business or passion is most likely not building websites. That's where we come in.

Why are we called Webazzle? To be honest, the search for a new business name in this era starts with available domains. Web and Dazzle? Seemed like a fun, short and functional name to put on a website and our bank account.

What sets us apart? We can do a LOT with internet technologies. But we can't do it all alone. If our direct team cannot find a solution to fit your needs we will either find people who can or let you know from the start. We see too many web-shops grab at anything and promise full capability without really listening to what you need just to get a sale. We'd rather see happy customers and build a good name for ourselves even if we have to partner with another agency to accomplish the big picture outcome. We don't want to be throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. It stresses us out and makes for unhappy customers.

What do we really do? We make websites and help you establish your online presence. If you want a social media presence, we help you build that brand as well. We focus on using well supported platforms to build your product. Though we lean into 'Drupal' we also build sites on Wordpress and even some custom ground-up systems. Even if all you wanted was a simple 'Wix' site, we can help you understand all the parts and pieces that go into that.

Where we are located? The beauty of the internet is that our office can be anywhere. Right now our team is spread out from Orange County, California to Seattle, Washington. At the moment of starting this, we are seeking out designers and content strategists so they may live and work anywhere in the world. Maybe soon we'll get a small office, but we'd rather not worry about that expense (or pass it on to you, the customer) until there is an absolute need for it.

So what now? Contact us using one of our contact forms on the site, or email us at info@webazzle.com to see how we can partner up and get started.