Content Management

Cool site, Bro!

But how do you update your site content?

Back in the day, to update a site you had to edit the HTML code directly for each and every page of your site. This was great for static information that didn't change much.

Connecting a website to a database was a major step forward to managing what your site displayed. Problem was, if you wanted to build something like this, you had to know a LOT or pay someone a LOT who knew what needed to be done.

Fast-Forward to now...

Drupal and Wordpress are the leading 'Content Management Systems' or CMS. They are open source platforms that allow you to maintain content on your site through a friendly user interface and not have to worry about accidentally blowing up your site because of a missing html tag or erroneous Javascript.

The initial setup of these systems is fairly easy for a server administrator (some hosting companies offer base installs as a part of their package). Once they are 'online' you simply log in to your site, add content, make some customizations and you're officially on the web.

Customizing these platforms is where the real work comes in. The internet is great (thank you Google) for finding out how to do just about anything. In fact, everything we do can be found somewhere on the internet.

Just because you can learn how to build a house from YouTube doesn't take away any value from having someone else build a house for you. You have more important things to do. Building a website should be no different.

You probably don't have time to worry about things such as version control, php errors, module updates, deprecated functions, etc. etc. etc. Let someone else worry about it.

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